Well it looks like both the girls of SoggyCardboard are pretty charitable around the holiday season. Carmen even currently and Katherine… well at least she was when she was a little’un. God know’s what she does now.

Anyways I have some SoggyCardboard news for y’all! (Airhorns) I’ve hired a colorist to help me with future SoggyCardboard comics! You know what that means? That means I don’t have to rip my tits off with a self imposed workload without sacrificing panels or quality anymore! Yaaaaay!

No but real talk, the average SoggyCardboard comic takes about 18 hours from start to finish Monday – Wednesday after a day job. A lot of times those hours would cut into human being time (eat, sleep, shower, breathe etc.) BUT it was thanks to YOU lovely readers that I was able to make enough to support some assistance! Via my Patreon I’m now able to afford to pay the lovely C0lornami to help me out. Worry not however, for the Art Style will still remain Cuddlep00py. It’ll just be Cuddlep00py and moooooore. Oooooh.

Anyways that’s all. Have a good week, yo!


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