Here’s to 1000 more 😉


Panel 1: Mr Pecu – Twitter

Panel 2: Knuxy – Twitter

Panel 3: Knuxy – Twitter

Panel 4: Calponpon – Twitter

Panel 5: DublyMike – Twitter

Panel 6: A Fellow Named Jam – Twitter

Panel 7: DemonBloodPal – Twitter/Webcomic Tapas/Webcomic Webtoons

Panel 8: Ninecolor – Twitter

Panel 8: Stealth

Panel 10: Rafchu – Twitter

Panel 11: Beta’s Inferno – Twitter

I can’t thank everyone enough who helped make this massive collaboration possible. The amount of support and cooperation and willingness to pump this out with under a month of preparation is absolutely astounding. I love you all <3

And I know this goes without saying, but please check out their works! They’re all amazing artists!

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