It seems like every comic does a Genie in a bottle strip, and I’m no different.God what a time to be alive. Y’know I saw a dove the other day? Flew in front of my car. Hate doves.

ANYWAAAAAY I’m gonna plug the usual stuff!

Here’s my Patreon!


(Which by the way the month is almost over and the lewd pictures are almost out, so if you want in on that then I recommend swinging by soon. Here’s a sneak peak you weirdos)


And my Twitter!

And my art-buddys Tumblr!

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Cuddlep00p you fucking whore, why are you plugging people other than YOURSELF?” Well let me tell ya! Me and the lovely Jingal are in cahoots with a super secret project thingy. A project that might get hinted towards with my Patreons over the following months. So by whoring her out, I am by proxy whoring myself out. Whoring is serious business.

Anyways I love you. K bye