This is the part in the comic where I would normally put a silly description, but NOT THIS WEEK!! (lies)

I have an announcement to maaaake!

I have a NEWWWWWWWWWWW comic!!!!

This is a side project I’ve been trying to get going for 6 years. 6 YEAARS. But today is finally the day I can set it free into the world like a new puppy running out the front door and on to the street. Don’t die, little guy. You’ll traumatize the kids.

Now, this comic isn’t a gag-a-week SoggyCardboard clone that I decided to make to D O U B L E D I P. This is a story driven, original, bonified GRAPHIC NOVEL illustrated by the one and onlyyyyyy… not me.

The right, I’m not drawing this one, folks. I’m writing it, developing it, MOLDING IT behind the scenes every step of the way like an over-protective parent. Each chapter will be illustrated by a NEW artist that isn’t me because that… that’s a lot of work. To do SoggyCardboard AND LongLiveAbsolution at the same time? I’d die. Sooner anyway.

And right now the first chapter is out and on it’s own website!

All 45 pages, for your reading pleasure out nowwww!

So please, if you’re interested, feel free to check it out. If you don’t care and just wanna stick with SoggyCardboard, that’s fine too, I won’t cry. That much.

Now what does this mean for the future of SoggyCardoard? Nothing! Things will carry on as the always have been. The Patreon, the update schedule, UNCHANGED!

Now as for the other website, how often will that update? I DON’T KNOW! Because hiring artists takes money, I have to gather the funds for each page. Which is fine! It just takes time. This chapter took over a year to do for example! Will the next chapter take that long? God no. But I will have to find a way to fund this reliably. Because baby, I might be filthy rich, but I’m not filthy-wilthy rich.

But rambling aside, here’s the link to the comic. Click on the picture below to be redirected there!

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