100 comics. 100 comics of SoggyCardboard and I feel like I’ve only done 87. Hot DAMN where does the time go?

But seriously I wanna take the time to let you guys know how much I appreciate you checking in every Thursday to catch up with all these silly characters. 100 comics ago I began the title with an “001” with questionable optimism that I would ever utilize those first two “0’s”. Well guess what past me, I MADE IT! SUCK IT! But yeah 100 comics… damn that’s freaking crazy.

But you wanna know what’s funny? I’m just getting started dawg. Here’s for 100 more! Awwww yeeeeee SoggyCardboard forever, baby! Lets see how many times I can fuck shit up with all these poor… poor main characters.

Here’s to 100 more…

Thank you for reading



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And on the other end of the coin, while I might’ve just reached my 100th comic, a friend of mine just started their first!┬áPoke your head over to Little Asteroid! An existential comedy webcomic focusing on life, the universe and the trivial pursuit of life. It updates every Wednesday! Pop in and look around! That website looks fuckin FANCY.