I wonder how he got those in the first place. Women’s intuition? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Anyways a few new things. Actually one new thing. I’m gonna make a Fan Art tab on the site because people have been drawing me stuff  and I want to have somewhere to post that shiz!

Also because I love you guys and I love community interaction so it all works out.

Also because it’s fun to see all the interpretations of Katherine people make since I almost never draw her the same way twice.


I don’t really have enough F’art to put up.

SO IF YOU GUYS WANT TO HAVE YOUR DANK F’ART POSTED ON THE SITE… you can email it to me at cuddlep00p@hotmail.com under the subject “Fan art”! (“Or F’art”)

Just make sure you include your internet handle or name or whatever you want me to credit you as, and even a Deviant Art page or Tumblr or something if you want me to link you under/on the pic! Because I like to source my people, yo.

Anyways, that’s all!

Oh wait I lied there’s more. Hold on.

If you guys want to support me in my artistic endeavors and get some cool new pictures out of it on a monthly basis, check out my Patreon! It’s got a picture of Carmen on it laying in a sea of her and her friends severed chibi heads! Aren’t I WACKY?!

Patreon Pic

Okay now that’s all.