Pop quiz! What do you do when someone you like is seeing another person? If you answered abduction and grand theft auto, you’d be right! You’d also be unorignal, because that’s exactly what just happened in this comic. You uncreative bundle of love.

Anyways, you might’ve noticed Joey carrying a very peculiar looking action figure for seemingly no reason at all in this weeks strip. And if you thought that was unusual, well I mean… duh… everything he does is unusual. I mean, I created the freaking character and I don’t know what he’s doing half the time.

BUT that’s besides the point! Because for the next few weeks there’s is going to be a continuing story! Yaaay! Story arcs!

And in each strip there’s going to be a guest character from the lovely people who participated in a competition over in a reddit thread I posted a while back!

This one to be exact!

And this weeks character comes from a very lovely friend of mine by the reddit username of MysticBlackMoon. His character (the action figure) goes by the name of Nico, and he comes from this very lovely comic that’s very cool.

So by all means! Check it out! It’s got demons and shit. And if that’s your thing then this might suit your fancy. If it’s not your thing then… well… I don’t know what to say.

UNTIL NEXT WEEK! flies into sunset