Soggy Cardboard! A webcomic about god knows what! Written and drawn by some nerdy white dude who likes to call himself Cuddlep00p! What the hell is wrong with him?! Fuck if I know! I’m winging this “about” page as I go!

About the Comic: Soggy Cardboard began its journey many moons ago, as simple doodles. On the back of Spanish worksheets… during my Sophomore year of high school! (Yeah I was one of those kids…) I was a bored kid at the time, and took advantage of any distractions I could. This ranged from sleeping in class, to questioning my random inevitable Spanish test boners, to sketching on homework assignments. And I did that… a lot. (The sketching, not the boners. Maybe the boners) And as time progressed, I realized that drawing is fun as hell! So I took the next natural step and started drawing crappy comics in my off time.

Over the course of about 4 years I kept this up. As my drawing skills “improved”,  I went from stick figures to, humanoid figures to weird anime/adventuretime-esque figures to… whatever the hell it is today. I created the main four crew members on the fly, taking my personality traits and dividing it into them all evenly (with the occasional hyperbole thrown in).

As I got deeper and deeper into working with these characters and personality traits, I began to shift away from the original format (which had been topical gamer jokes, and reflecting my own personal opinions about video games through the comic medium and *vomits*) and more towards my favorite kind of format, absurdest and self aware humor. I didn’t like the idea of older comic strips becoming irrelevant due to them referencing current pop-culture trends, or gaining attention just because I jumped on the bandwagon of the month. That shit ain’t me, yo. So I decided to go with a more timeless format. Relying on jokes that surprise the reader, or the humor that comes with the interactions between characters. And in my opinion, that’s what makes doing this so fun. I’ve got this whole little world in my head, and every character, interaction, joke and personality is all a result of that.

Soggy Cardboard is like my baby, man. A baby that I forget to feed sometimes, but a baby I love nonetheless. And that’s saying something. Because babies are gross.

I love you all.

– Cuddlep00p