Fuckiiiiin forgot to mention but Carmen has frackles and the only reason why I never drew her with frackles is because up until very recently I didn’t know how to draw frackles. But now I can, so there’s another arbitrary detail to her character design. Everything before this is retconned. Frackles. Adorable


Anyways this is the start of somethin full of spooks and spoblins. Y’know, to kinda fit that October theme. Where monsters and ghouls roam the neighborhood and Satan himself is chillin in your house like the womanizer he is. Silly Satan you crazy.

Here’s a spoopy fan art to set the mood.

BAM! Pooping for them must be weird. Click that picture to find out WHO THE FUCK DREW IT! I’LL GIVE YOU A HINT IT WAS THIS PERSON! http://wikibeedia.tumblr.com/

Anyways I’m gonna lay face down in my pillow and try not to suffocate so here are some sexy links please click them or not it’s up to you I can’t make you do anything I’m not your mom gosh.

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Frands wabsite of awesome commissions

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