OKAY SO NEWS! News news. Newsy news news. I am not doing a comic next week. I am doing a guest comic next week. A guest comic written and drawn by the lovely Stealth. A beautiful man who don’t need no man to prove he’s a man because that’s just how much of a man he is.

He’s great and he draws art gud so here’s an example of his gud art via illustration of the sexual tension between Carmen and Katherine.


It’s a good thing girls don’t fart.

ANYWAYS thank you for stopping by as per usual!

If you would like to help support me and my website feel free to check out my Patreon! Every little bit counts and you get some pretty sweet extra pictures out of the deal, as well as your name among the list of supporters! (Plus sometimes I get bored and draw some lewdy-doody things oh boy)


Plus look-at Carmen. Bein all cute and shit lying in a field of severed heads. Adorable. I need to make a new Patreon picture…

Anyways see you next week with the guest comic! Toodles!

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