Welcome back to another week of god knows what, where I ramble about things and some of you read it!

Did you guys know that I have a Twitter?

Yeah I know! Social media and all that shit. I have no idea what I’m doing either! Crazy, man… fuckin crazy. I just like to say shit on it. Vent about things. In a limited number of characters. And talk about nothing. Like I’m doing now.

ANYWAYS next week may or may not be a little surprise! Y’see I’m working with an artist who does super sexy art and sometimes we collaborate together and next week you may or may not see something as a result of that but either way you should check out her tumblr because you should and here it is and also run on sentences are fun.


SO ANYWAYS YEAH THAT’S ABOUT IT! IF YOU WANNA HELP ME RUN THE SITE AND COMIC AND LIVE OFF OF FOOD AND GET SOME COOL PICTURES OUT OF IT then check out my Patreon! Click on Carmens boobies down below for the link! Or anywhere else on the image, honestly. Love you

But no really click on her boobies.